1) Presentation at your booth is crucial. To maximize your success, we encourage you to stand in front of your merchandise tables and greet the locals as they pass by. Engaging in conversation can break down barriers and create a personal connection that may lead to a purchase and support for your small business. Standing in front of your booth, rather than behind the merch table, will maximize social interaction and spark new conversations. It may take practice, but the more you engage with the local community, the more familiar they will become with your brand.

2) Exclusive offerings at the 904 Pop Up event are a great way to launch new products. Drive customers to the event by offering something unique to your brand. Consider offering promotions for the first 15 customers to create a sense of urgency. Make sure to collect customer data and further engage with them on a personal level through your social media pages. Encourage your followers to tag your brand and always re-share their posts.

3) Tips for load-in: The easiest load-in process, depending on your location, is to park in the Sneakers Parking Lot and walk to your designated space on the site map. Consider using a pull cart for any heavy items or displays that may be difficult to carry. Please note that unloading is only allowed from 1st Ave North to enter the right side of Latham Plaza. Avoid parking your cars on 1st Ave North to avoid towing by the City of Jacksonville Beach. The best parking option for all vendors is the Sneakers Parking Lot, which is a paid parking lot at $7 per day. Kiosks are located at the entrances to Latham Plaza.

4) Tent supplies: Outdoor events can be challenging due to weather conditions. It is important to be fully prepared for all elements. Use weights for your tents, as staking is not allowed in the plazas. Four weights around each tent post is the best option to secure your tent. Additionally, it is recommended to have tent walls to protect your products in case of rain. This will ensure that your products are not damaged during a rainstorm.

5) Our motto at the 904 Pop Up is “Community Over Competition.” We believe in building each other up and helping each other succeed. Everyone at the 904 Pop Up supports one another, as locals support locals. While there may be businesses offering similar products, it is important not to view them as competition. Your passion for your brand will shine through, just like the rest. Being an entrepreneur is no small feat, and being part of a community of creators who share trade secrets and help each other maximize their businesses is the synergy we strive for and stand behind. Thank you for being a part of the 904 Pop Up family. We are at the forefront of marketing, engagement, and hyper-focused local community growth.